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Author Interview: Veiko Herne

Veiko Herne was born in Estonia during Soviet Union occupation era. During this period, he built and managed a pirate radio station to support artists, not otherwise supported by Communistic regime.

After Estonian independence, he started one of the first computer software company to provide IT solutions for banks and telecoms. He was also an Internet pioneer, being part to develop new technologies in US. However, his visionary skills wasn’t accepted in Silicon Valley managers looking to maximize their profits, so he left US 2002 to end up in economically devastated Europe.

Since 2007, he have just hitchhiking around mainly in southern Europe and participating in demonstrations against banks and corrupted politicians.

  • : When I was young, I wrote a lot of short stories published by youth journals. I even won some "Young emerging author" awards. Now, when software doesn't make any money and somehow society doesn't accept me to do any decent jobs, I didn't figured out anything else to do with zero investment, than start to write again. At least, I hope to make some income for myself from this activity and keep myself busy.
  • : As far I remember, it was some Sci-Fi story at age of ten. I remember drawing an intergalactic spaceship. It was self-sufficient with greenhouses, animal farms and it was using the photon propulsion to travel. However, it needed several generations to reach Alpha Centauri to establish new home for those humans decided to leave Earth. Actually, designing that spaceship was more fun than writing a story.
  • : It's a Goth-Punk love story being immortals. When drinking sangria, they become vampires and their adventures in Europe begin. After their one hundred years sleep, they woke up in new ice age in Europe. And they have to adopt to remaining civilization.
  • : The Soviet Union was kind of absurdistan. So, it was easy for me to create absurd stories from everyday life. To my surprise, European Union is even bigger absurdistan, so obviously my homeless traveler lifestyle is influencing my current work.
  • : After I'm getting out from my sleeping bag , my day starts with Catholic pray and free meal in Mother Teresa sisters place. Afterwards, I walk to the public library. Sometimes, when I'm anxious to write something down, I do it before noon, otherwise I use Siesta time to create a plan to my head and execute it afternoon. When I was younger, I usually worked nighttime.
  • : I had the story which was an idea of my film project being in Belfast between 2006-2007. However, I wasn't able to find distribution and part of financing for it there, so I decided to publish it as eBook instead. Based on true story of one Estonian songwriter, a true God person and I added my experiences of corrupted British justice system to the story. I'm a criminal in UK, causing stress and anxiety to BBC. Of course, I added also mysticism to the story and ended it as it should end. So, the story is fictional. It's written down and waiting some money to pay for editing and copyright registration. I have learned from my experiences in US software sector, that without any patents or copyrights those big companies in US just take your ideas and claim those their own. And it takes them more than a decade to implement.
  • : I'm force to make breaks, because I rely on my limited computer time in public libraries. I'm active in social media and has been writing a blog since my Belfast times. Thanks to my iPod, I'm finally able to read other independent authors and my blog contains several book reviews. And when I have a little bit money, I spend it to red wine and relax in the sun.
  • : I have to develop the story, characters, plots, etc in my head long before I start to write something down. When everything is clear in my mind, then it's just writing a chapter by chapter during my limited two hours per day computer time in public library. Sometimes, I re-read written chapters and frequently rewriting those. When final chapter is done, the material still needs a professional editor to fix my language skills and in this stage, I have to figure out how to make enough cash to pay for the service. Somehow, I do not understand what "writers block" means. If some character or plot doesn't work out, then this wasn't a good idea and you have to rethink it. Getting yourself drunk could help in this situation. Maybe it's my background from software. When something doesn't work, then use workaround.
  • : Besides being an author, what jobs do you currently hold, or have held in the past? Funny question. If I would have got a job, then I should not worry about such kind of unawarded activity as writing books?
  • : I'm stuck with my iPod. Actually I had idea to write some iOS apps and that's why I had to purchase the device. But, when I finally got a MacBook, then I didn't had any money to buy a device to test my apps and when I got the device, then my computer broke. Seems, that God is against for me to produce software again.
  • : This is a job for professionals and good designers doesn't cost much. This Romanian girl, who did cover to my "Forever Young", did a fantastic job less than $100.
  • : Obviously you have to know what you are writing before starting to write. Writing skills isn't what customers are paying when purchasing a book. They expect to learn something new. First, I think about the characters. Does they sell. Then the plot, will it sell. Then the outline chapter by chapter. And when all those has been done, it just step by step boring work to write the book. Somehow my books are very short compared to others. That's why I publish them as eBooks. Same time, when reading other authors, I usually skip a lot of boring pages where nothing actually happens and you feel, that author just tries to squeeze words instead telling the story.
  • : "Forever Young" is currently for sale in Amazon and as Kindle format. I wanted it to be in Apple iTunes store as well, but because I once registered myself as Apple developer, now I'm unable to put my books for sale there. Please like the book Facebook page as well to keep you updated. And of course, you can check my website at
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