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Author Interview: Tyneise Seaborough

I am the “Hope Therapist” for the autism lovers!

There is a void in me that can only be filled when I work with children with Autism. I realized a few years ago that my entire purpose for being born was for this cause. Often times, when I say this, the blank stares that I get are priceless! I’m sooooooo glad to say that I have discovered living!

I have dibbled and dabbled into a variety of work settings: schools, private sensory integration clinics, pediatric outpatient, pediatric ICU, and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) clinics.I have practiced as a special education teacher in a full inclusion classroom, although that model was very ineffective, but I served as their advocate.

That was fun….haha…but very short lived. I moved on to my love and joy of becoming an occupational therapist, where I get to play with children for a living to facilitate independence and/or their optimal performance.

My best hobbies are shopping, good eating, and working with youth. In my spare time, I also serve as the Youth Pastor at my church.

I can’t help it! I love youth!!!

  • : I not sure that I have a good answer for this question. I found myself in a very low place in my life and I just began to write. So, I guess it served as a form of therapy for myself.
  • : Of course! The first story that I ever wrote was geared towards young Christians. Its purpose was to simply reveal strategies that will yield success and help them overcome obstacles that life may bring their way.
  • : Millions of individuals are affected with autism worldwide. The stats are alarming! 1/68 children are born with autism and there is no cure! Because of the countless amount of children that are being diagnosed with autism this inspired me to scribe. The shattered hearts of caregivers that are desperately searching for answers, inspire me to write, in order to provide hope thorough practical advice. When I reflect on the horror stories of caregivers that have endured inhumane comments by others in the community, this gets me boiling and ready to pen.
  • : I began writing in 2008 after not being able to practice in my field as a therapist because I had failed my boards exam. Can you imagine going from a pretty descent salary to being unemployed because everyone rated you as overqualified? What a rough time that was.
  • : I grew up in beautiful Savannah, GA. A place full of southern charm! I've been told that it's listed as one of the most beautiful cities to visit! I'm convinced that my experiences in life have influenced my writing more than the cities in which I lived.
  • : Ideas flood my mind as soon as I arise early in the morning. It’s these key ideas that lead me to writing my most amazing pieces/works yet. Because of this, I typically write in the morning before the baby arises.
  • : I'm working on another book in the Hope for Autism series for the faith based community.
  • : Ministering to teenagers at my church, shopping, speaking, and spending time with my 11-month-old daughter and husband.
  • : My writing process is a simple 3 step process. When I’m ready to write a book, I typically dump all the info in my head onto a sheet of paper first. Afterwards, I take the information and organize it into an outline, and then I write out my book.
  • : I love the bible, books on finances, publishing, and autism because I simply love to learn and these are the areas that I'm passionate about gaining more wisdom in.
  • : I practice as a pediatric occupational therapist and have traveled as a national speaker teaching autism continuing education seminars to service providers. Currently, I also travel to present at autism conferences and for speaking engagements.
  • : Kindle! Kindle! Kindle! I love my kindle!
  • : As stated previously, I tend to dump out all my ideas on paper first, organize it to create the outline, and then write out the book.
  • : Knowing that when a person reads this book it haas the ability to
  • :
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