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Author Interview: Tabith Barret

Tabitha Barret grew up in New Jersey writing short stories and tried her hand at writing a novel in high school. After many attempts, she gave up and stuck with her short stories. Many years later, she found a genre that appealed to her and decided to start a new book. Ever ambitious, she created the framework for a twelve book arcing series. Her paranormal/urban fantasy romance series, “The Third Throne” has been her main focus for the last three years. She plans to work on finishing the books while taking care of her two children, her supportive husband, and three insane dogs.

  • : I was an only child, so I had to entertain myself a lot. I enjoyed the writing prompts that my sixth grade teacher gave me, and discovered that I had a good imagination. I wrote a novel in high school and ripped it apart to improve it in college. After that, I wrote short stories for fun in college. I left writing behind for a long time until I decided to put my ever-growing story from my teen years into a series.
  • : I don't remember the first short story, but my first full length story that I wrote freshman year in high school. It was about a group of teens that were kidnapped by a woman who wanted to create a social experiment by observing the teens interacting with each other and then force them to change their social identities. The nerdy kid was given trendy clothes and the popular girl was turned into a goth. They were observed to see if they would change their personalities based on their clothes and surroundings. I finally gave up after numerous rewrites.
  • : My latest book is a continuation in the series, The Third Throne. The Angel of Death is on the verge of losing control and destroying a city. His Master must find him and stop him before it's too late. Alazar is the leader of the Predznak, or Harbingers, who will serve the Bringer of the Apocalypse. Too much time has past and he feels that he no longer wants or needs a Master, so he vows to kill her. Alazar was a lot of fun to write for since he's sassy and sarcastic. He can be moody and difficult and is akin to a child who knows that he is doing something wrong, but feels like he needs to rebel to prove a point. I feel like the first book of the series was the set up or the back story that introduced a new version of Hell. The second book is where the series really starts. All of Alazar's anger and resentment will kick off the series and lay the ground work for the difficulties that lay ahead for Anjali. She must convince all of the her angels to join with her and it certainly won't be an easy task.
  • : I tend to do most of my writing at night. Even though I have a full time job and I only write at night, I was always a night owl. Some of my best work is done after midnight when my takes over and unleashes whatever craziness trapped inside.
  • : I am working on the third book, The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance. I have most of the first draft done. I just need time to work on it after Angel of Death is released.
  • : I watch movies and TV with my kids. My son is old enough to watch some of my favorite shows, so I have fun watching with him. We watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 80's movies so that he can understand some of the references that my husband and I make.
  • : Write what's in my head. Rip it apart and rewrite it until it makes sense. Move the paragraphs around the fix the flow. Rip it apart again until I'm happy. Get angry when my husband show me the errors. Cry. Make the corrections and read the story again until I can't see straight. Have a friend read it and give me the errors. Cry again. Read the story again until I know it verbatim.
  • : Paranormal romance novels. I love vampires, werewolves, and most things with teeth. The characters tend to be unrealistically handsome, and domineering. I would personally hate them in real life and argue with them constantly, but I love reading about them. I like the romantic aspect because they protect their lovers and put them first.
  • : I have been in Customer Service for more years than I would like to admit. I have sold forms, door hardware, printer ribbons, and chemicals for Union Carbide. I hate being yelled at by customers and I despite arrogant salesmen. There, I said it.
  • : My iPhone is the best way for me to read since I read in my car before work and at lunch. It's easier to hold.
  • : I usually have an idea in my head and search the internet for what I'm looking for. For the second book, I had two different covers merged into one to create the image that I wanted.
  • : Since I'm working on a series,I have a general plot laid out for each book. I usually write different ideas or entire sections for different books as they come to me. Most of my major characters are already in place, so by the time I start working on that book, I have a mishmash of ideas. Once I filter through and find the ideas that will stay, I organize it and let the new ideas flow. I usually have the middle of the book, but need the opening and the ending. I will go to bed and let my mind focus on one aspect that I'm having trouble with. I can usually work through the problem, unfortunately, I usually loose my ideas when I fall asleep.
  • : I find the greatest joy in bringing my characters to life. My main character has resided in my head for decades. Seeing her interact with other characters or fight battles that I imagined years ago makes me smile. For years, I never told anyone about the adventures or characters living in my brain. I finally have the opportunity to share them with other people. When I talk about the series, I can tell that people are surprised that I can speak so freely about them, like I know them. I have an answer for just about every question about them, but I know them so well.
  • : My website is where I post my information about my books, though it doesn't have details on all the books yet since they are still being worked on. Eventually, all twelve will be posted.
  • : The best part about being an author is hearing how people found out about your books. My coworker was reading my first book at the beach and her cousin started asking questions about it. He grabbed it started reading it. By the end of the day, he had purchased the book and took it home. She texted me asking to buy another book. I couldn't stop laughing. She told me that he can't wait for the second book. The best part is that he doesn't normally read books, but fell in love my book. It made me happy to know that I could entertain a non-reader and expose him to a world that I love. I hope I can do that same for other non-readers. The Third Throne: The Angel of Darkness is just the beginning. The new world that I have created will only grow and become more dangerous. Once Anjali is allowed to leave Hell and search for her angels, the fun will begin. I hope that my readers enjoy these characters and books as much as I do.
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