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Giveaway: Straw and the Doctrine of the Ashfolk: Reviewer’s Copy

Honolulu Polkadot has done it again! Straw and the Doctrine of the Ashfolk is most possibly one of the greatest literary pieces to emerge from the pen of Mr. Polkadot since the Great Earthquake of 1941, in which his study was completely destroyed and the price of licorice snaps soared to an all time high. If you enjoy this book by Honolulu Polkadot please leave a review. Follow Honolulu Polkadot at At his website you can follow him on Facebook, blog, or Twitter. Who is Honolulu Polkadot? Little is known about the reclusive author, but what is known is this: Honolulu Polkadot, contrary to popular belief, was not born in Hawaii at all but rather in a small town in Texas. The town was prone to attacks from the occasional appearance of marauding pirates and infestations of giant crop rats. A statue of Honolulu Polkadot was erected early last summer with a plaque that reads, “Honolulu Polkadot, inventor of the electric nose picker and beloved candlestick maker.” Honolulu Polkadot has chosen to spend his time away from the attention that his popular books have spawned, and he now spends his days quietly, writing stories for all to enjoy.

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