Write Your Book at Fifty

Inspiration to women over fifty to discover your voice , express your creativity and make a difference by writing your book Featuring stories of new bestselling Amazon kindle writers and offering reasons to overcome limiting thoughts and go for it.


Women have so much experience to offer and powerful voices to share. This book gives inspiration that you can be a real writer if you wish to be and stories of others who recently self published and the doors that opened for them. It gives many reasons to tap your creativity, discover your voice, and make a difference through writing a book. Some how-to steps are offered but the main purpose of this book is to remove the excuses that prevent most people even trying and inspire you with a clear why on your reason to write and what you offer.


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Jeanette E. Martin inspires women to share their unique stories, innate wisdom and creative potential. Having lived and worked with women for three decades leading international meditation retreats and teaching college classes on human potential, she knows the extraordinary value of women’s voices.

She has degrees in psychology and education and is from Melbourne, Australia.