Jesus Space: Creating Your Own Portal into the Spiritual Realm

By creating a physical and spiritual place to hang out with Jesus you can learn to not only experience Him using your spiritual senses but you can have amazing adventures in the spiritual realm!


Create your own portal into the spiritual realm!

As Christians we can access God anytime and anywhere, but do you know that you can create your own portal into the spiritual realm? I stumbled upon this life-changing concept at a point when I had a busy family with young children in a small apartment. You will find that wonderful things happen when you have your own Jesus space.

You’ll enter:

• A place where you can instantly be transported into the spiritual realm
• A world through Holy Spirit that can look physical and feel physical, but is spiritual
• A realm where you can travel to places unknown to man, experience things physical beings cannot experience, and know a love that is supernatural
• A space where Jesus comes to hang out with you, to hear your heart, to talk and laugh and get to know you. He tells you things for your ears alone. He tells you how precious you are to Him, He shares secrets, and one of my favorite things to do with Him–He holds you

I am going to show you how to create your own Jesus space in your home, even if your physical space is limited. I’ll show you how to set up both a physical setting and a spiritual one, where you can enjoy Jesus, not as God-of-the-Universe or as Daddy-God, but as Best Friend and Spouse. This is a place where you create a spiritual portal through your physical Jesus space.

Having a Jesus space will change you forever as you laugh, cry, and get to know the One who loves you unconditionally.


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As a missionary kid in Thailand Brenda loved God, but it wasn’t until 1992 that she fell in love with Jesus as her Bridegroom. Since then she’s learned to experience Him, “for without learning to use our spiritual senses we cannot touch the supernatural. My goal” she says, “is to flow through life dancing across the waters with Jesus as I touch the world around me with His supernatural love.”01 12 13 006