Jesus’ Parables Interpreted

The parables of Jesus provide answers to some of mankind’s most deeply rooted problems. But they still remain much of a mystery. Jesus’ Parables Interpreted is an informative and reflective book. It contains the most significant parables and it offers analysis and background information to help better understand them.

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“At roughly 150 pages, this book of Jesus’ Parables Interpreted strikes me as the perfect length and size for such a text. I was struck by the author’s articulate and sincere explanation for having taken on such a venture. I liked some of the cogent and important arguments in her text. I like the author’s organization in presenting each parable, followed sometimes by straightforward explanations as in “The Parable of the Two Sons,” and sometimes by layered or divergent explanations depending on the gospel from whence it derives. This happens, for instance, in “The Parable of the Wedding Banquet.” I admired the lucidity of her writing and her passion for the project. I think many Christians, on both sides of the Atlantic, would appreciate this book.” -Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


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Elena Horas San Martin is a Spanish writer and translator who has lived in the UK for more than twenty years. She is the author of many books and short stories for children, such as The Vagabond Cat, The Teddy Bear, Five Letters and a Number which was short-listed in the Lichfield and District Writers’ Short Story Competition and Peter the Shoemaker which has been long-listed in the Fish Short Story Prize 2013/2014. She has also written Jesus’ Parables Interpreted, an informative and reflective book, and Learning Spanish, a book which teaches Spanish to secondary school children.