A World Without Color

Inner Peace Equals World Peace.

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A World Without Color is a thought provoking book that is designed to cause a shift in consciousness. It transcends race, religion and borders with its world changing views. It gets to the root of the issues that separate the people of the world and what separates us from true peace and happiness within ourselves.
With this book, Cassandra intends to help you:

Find true peace and happiness in your life.
Shift your focus inward, toward the core self.
Understand how our self-image can help or harm.
Realize how powerful perceptions are.
Live an active life not a re-active life.
Rise above damaging labels.
Understand how the core self offers balance and peace.

Inner Peace Equals World Peace.


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Cassandra Blizzard is a psychic medium, life coach, author, and lecturer. She is highly regarded around the world for her remarkable ability to give clear and accurate readings of the future and communicate with souls of the deceased. Her honest, compassionate and witty personality has captivated audiences wherever she goes. Her thought provoking non-fiction books transcend race, religion and borders with their world changing views.