What is Katrina Morgan so afraid of? Maybe it’s all in her head?


Katrina Morgan hasn’t had an easy life and her abusive relationship isn’t helping. Out of fear for her life and a need to escape the city that’s always been trouble for her, she makes a knee-jerk move to Oregon.

Just when Kat thinks her move across the country has relieved her from her nightmares, her demons come calling once again. Can her new love interest, Nicholas, protect her from herself or does he have secrets of his own?

As the symptoms of her post-traumatic stress disorder strengthen, Kat has a hard time finding the line between reality and imagination. Will the world finally push her too far to recover?


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Rutherford Rankin is the author of Fighting Against Gravity. He has also worked as a journalist, copywriter, and ghost writer under his own and other names.

Rankin was born in southwest Kansas and grew up in Satanta, Kansas. He earned a bachelor of arts degree from Emporia State University. He also holds a master of arts degree from New Mexico State University. He currently lives in Roswell, New Mexico (yes, that Roswell).