The Duodoxy: The Principles of The Logical Cosmos

The Duodoxy is a 400,000 word long philosophical disquisition and the second of twelve disquisitions forming The Omnidoxy solely authored by the mononymous philosopher and founder of Astronism, Cometan.


The Duodoxy comprises of one hundred and forty different discourses and introduces a plethora of new words, concepts, disciplines of study, and belief orientations. The topics addressed in these discourses differ vastly from the introduction of the Millettic approach to logic, the different forms and structures of philosophies, comparisons of philosophies to religions and ideologies, as well as outlining the theoretical foundations of how Astronism is to be disseminated globally which is addressed in the discourse focusing on the nature of promulgation and its management.

The Duodoxy is also colloquially referred to as The Everything Disquisition due to the fact that it encompasses such a wide range of branches of philosophy, the most prominent one of which of course remains logic, upon which all of the ideas and theories presented in The Duodoxy are predicated. Additionally, The Duodoxy is said to provide the philosophy of Astronism with its ornamentation for The Duodoxy comprises of such a wide range of topics that without its presence, Astronism would not have developed as it has to become a philosophy with its own distinct physical and conceptual features and beliefs.

At its heart, The Duodoxy is the introducer and outliner of Millettarian/Millettic/Astronic logic and under this auspice, Cometan has formulated, with the use of a new philosophical language, a new logical approach to understanding The Cosmos from the perspective of humanity as a whole as well as from our own personal individual perspectives.

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Cometan is the first Millettic philosopher and the founder of the organised philosophy known as Astronism. Born in England in 1998, Cometan’s journey to become a philosopher began at the age of fifteen and further intensified at age seventeen when the autodidact began his sole authorship of the philosophical treatise known as the Omnidoxy. The Omnidoxy, at its completion, extended to over one million words in total length, making it one of the longest published literary works and work of philosophy in history. Cometan’s philosophership has since been characterised by his vision for the future of humanity embarking upon the endeavour of space exploration intertwined with a solemn theology, eschatology, and soteriology that emphasises the building of our personal relationships to The Cosmos, as well as structuring our beliefs and ideas regarding the meaning of life, our existential purpose, and the nature of our being through our contemplation of the progeny (celestials) and phenomena (events) of The Cosmos (outer space).