The Junk Food Withdrawal Manual

Making Healthful Eating Easy!

You already know that junk food isn’t good for you. You probably even notice that you don’t feel good when you eat it. But change is difficult. How do you break long-held habits? How do you eat healthy but also eat food that really tastes good? Using nine easy food substitutions this books provides a practical way of transitioning into a healthier diet and enjoying it!


Are You a “Junk Food Junkie?” Want an easy way of transitioning into more healthful eating? Is “junk food” really addictive?

When we remove the original healthful ingredients from foods, they behave more like drugs than foods. White sugar, white flour, caffeine-laden drinks, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavorings. They all have one thing in common — they’re not good for you and they may shorten your life. But once you discover how bad they are for you, it’s not easy to get them out of your diet. Revised and updated from his classic best-selling print edition with over 300,000 copies in circulation, Monte Kline presents an easy-to-follow, 12-week “withdrawal plan” to get off of junk food. Are you a “junk food junkie” wanting to get “unhooked” from junk food? This book will show you how.

“This is most helpful and important for preventing illness and feeling good!” — Ida Hart


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Monte Kline is the author of five best-selling books on natural health care with 500,000 copies in circulation:  Eat, Drink & Be Ready, The Junk Food Withdrawal Manual, Vitamin Manual for the Confused, The Sick & Tired Manual, Body, Mind & Health, Health Dare: 8 Reasons to Try Natural Healing, and Face to Face.DSC_0255

Monte holds a B. S. from Oregon State University, a Master of Bible Theology from International Bible Institute & Seminary and a Ph.D. in Nutrition & Wholistic Health Sciences from Columbia Pacific University.  After experiencing a successful natural approach to his own cancer condition in 1974, he studied natural medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and Electrodermal Screening under some of the world’s leading authorities.  He began private practice as a Clinical Nutritionist in 1983 and directs a staff of nutritional consultants at Pacific Health Center clinics in the Pacific Northwest.