Not Another Diet: Simplyfing Dieting in an Overwhelmed Market

Confused with the overwhelming amount of books on different types of dieting?

Well then check out my book Not Another Diet!

I review and analyze all the major dieting fads and give a simple solution to picking a diet just for you!


Are you confused with the overwhelming amount of dieting books on the market today? From paleo to keto to intermittent fasting, do you ever wish someone finally explained these diets and helped pick the right one for you?

Well you are in luck! I have created this book to clear the confusion and clutter in the overwhelmed market of dieting books out there today. In this book I will explain and analyze the following diets:
– Clean Eating Diet
– Paleo Diet
– Keto Diet
– Carb Cycling
– Intermittent Fasting
– Counting Your Calories

In my analysis, I will weigh the pros and cons of each diet. In addition, I will describe how each diet may be right for your depending on your personality, lifestyle, and preferences.

This is about bringing a truthful, honest approach to a fitness market that is filled with misconceptions. Dieting is simple really. Trust me, we do not need another diet!


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