Polishing The Diamond – A Travel Guide to Living Your Highest Potential

A unique combination of autobiographical travel adventures, spiritual insights and extraordinary experiences. When you are ready to make an impact and dazzle in your world, you must read this book!


In “Polishing the Diamond – A Travel Guide to Living Your Highest Potential”, international author and coach, Glynis Stevens shares her autobiographical travelling adventures together with the spiritual insights she experienced along the way.

Throughout these sometimes out of body and extraordinary experiences in a number of fascinating places, she learned to understand and polish the diamond within so that her brilliance truly shines. Now she has created techniques and practical tools to share this wisdom with her coaching clients and you the reader. This ideas-filled book will give you answers and systems to nurture your potential and be your best.

If you only read one book this year – make it this one.


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    Spiritual mentor, speaker, teacher who loves all that sparkles!