From Dream to Dream Come True

The story of my long and heartrending road to motherhood has been featured in a national magazine, the local news, and a medical publication. But, this is the whole story, in my own words.


This is the story of how I battled cancer, infertility, and the most gut wrenching loss one can imagine. I fought my way back from crippling grief and depression. After years of struggle, my desperate wish to become a mother was finally granted in a most unexpected way. This is a story about having a dream and rediscovering lost hope. It is about beating the odds and realizing that miracles do exist. This is the tale of my dream…to dream come true.


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Brittany’s first memoir chronicles her long and arduous struggle to become a mother and how she rediscovered lost hope. Her story has been featured in a national women’s magazine, newspapers, and medical publications. Her 5 Star rated book is an Amazon best seller in the category of Motherhood.

Brittany writes about her happily ever after on her blog, “A Mama Tale” and writes about the adventures of parenting for Creative Child Magazine ( Brittany has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education. Brittany has spent the last twelve years teaching elementary school in Las Vegas, Nevada. When Brittany is not writing or teaching, she is cooking delicious meals with her husband, Jerome, and of course, relishing every second of living her dream come true with daughter, Madeline.