The Tennis Schema

The Tennis Schema gives adult players the necessary information and instructions to break through tennis jargon and play consistently well. Its content is unique, coherent, and comprehensible. The book explains tennis fundamentals so they become replicable as (slow motion) videos never are. The Tennis Schema is the counterpart to the drill approach. If you don’t have the time to spend your life on the court, this approach might suit you well, as it makes the tennis groundstrokes transparent to you.


The Tennis Schema clarifies how the tennis forehand and one-handed backhand work. Finally, you will understand what the pros do differently. With some effort and committment, it will help you change your tennis as never before. The Tennis Schema is especially useful for adult players, as its content is unique, and as its approach is holistic. It explains the fundamentals of tennis in a way that makes them replicable as (slow motion) videos never are. The Tennis Schema helps you go beyond frustration and stagnation in tennis. Use the look-inside feature to gauge whether it is for you. On the author’s site on amazon there is a two-minutes presentational video.
This book does just one thing: it gives you the truth on tennis in a way that holds. Most videos and classes are so much more expensive and, often, lead you astray. The Tennis schema is a lifetime’s work. If I had not arrived, I would not yet have published. Reading does educate so much more than watching TV and Videos – if, what you read, is well written and if it has evolved.
The first page inside the book explains the cover design to you. The design is not random but hints at a secret to build your stroke correctly.


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