PRETTY GIRL: How To Be Really Pretty, Even If You Don’t Think You Are

A book full of beauty tips written with a dash of humor.

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Are you tired of having people overlook you because you’re not model beautiful? Feel like if you were just prettier you’d get further faster in life? This fun and informative book will show you how.

You think you have to be born with great genes or flawless features to be pretty.
But really, the truth is that you can have it all without perfect genes.
If you just follow the simple suggestions in these ten chapters, then everyone will be calling you gorgeous in no time!

Pretty Girl: How To Be Really Pretty, Even If You Don’t Think You Are busts popular myths, and challenges everything you’ve been told about beauty.

What’s stopping you from being a Pretty Girl?


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Bronwen Skye has starred in commercials, music videos, and made for TV movies. She earned her fine arts degree in Theater from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. She is the author and contributing author of several books, including fiction, nonfiction, and satiric poetry.

True to having broadened her horizons at an early age by spending some of her developmental childhood years in Africa, she is a professional traveler, and vegan food connoisseur. Following a move to Southern California, she wrote and hosted a radio show called Insight on AM 1460, and wrote an Op-Ed piece for the Santa Monica Outlook.

When she’s not traveling around the country, she spends her time reading and writing fantasy horror young adult fiction, and practicing circus style acrobatics. A fanatic for all things Disney, she now lives in the Sunshine State with her 4 rescued felines and 1 rescued husband.