Blitz Your Book to a Best Seller 21st Century

Learn to successfully promote your book(s) with our tried-and true marketing tips.


Be your own publicist.
The long days of traveling around the United States on book tours to brick-and-mortar stores are over. Utilizing today’s technology, you can execute a successful marketing tour within the comfort and convenience of your home and make your book a bestselling sensation. This revised edition is based on the award-winning Power Marketing Your Novel written by Joyce Spizer Foy, author of this novel too. It’s jam-packed with sources, resources, 100’s of website links, and helpful hints to guide you to become a marketing guru. #PoweredByIndie


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As a preeminent breeder of German Shepherds I have been often asked how to become a breeder. Now, as a published author, you can learn step by step how to become a successful breeder yourself. This book, published by A Vegas Publisher, contains all the information you need to know to begin a rewarding career as a breeder of German Shepherds and other large breed dogs. I share valuable tips, and secrets I have learned during the span of my ongoing, 10 year breeding career. The book contains 132 pages of detailed information, pictures, and video links to help you begin your journey into Puppy Love. null