Wanna Take a Ride?

Ever wish you could have a second chance to do something over? The people in these stories were lucky. Or were they?

They each experienced a traumatic event and what should arrive at the scene? None other than the mysterious Second Chance Limousine, a long black 1959 Cadillac that carries them off into the night. Destination: Their one and only opportunity for a second chance.

Will they succeed? Or will they fail? You’ll have to read these Twisted Tales.

Four novella-length stories. Twisted Tales from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service. Think Twilight Zone with a slightly darker edge. Wanna take a ride???


WANNA TAKE A RIDE? (Kindle $2.99) This 4-Pack contains 3 novelettes and 1 novella. Each story is a “Twisted Tale from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service”. Think Twilight Zone with a dark edge. (See below for a short description of each tale)

The concept is simple: Someone gets a second chance to right a wrong. The consequences of the second chance, however, are anything but simple. In each story, a person experiences some traumatic event. Let’s say, for example, you are this person. The traumatic event might be something you did to someone or it might be something someone did to you. At some point after the traumatic event occurs, a mysterious, classic, black, 1959 Cadillac limousine arrives at a late hour. One way or another, you end up in the back seat and the car rolls off into the night.

The next thing you know, you’re suddenly back at a point in time just prior to the traumatic event with no idea how you got there. You find a business card in your pocket (or on the table, or on the nightstand next to your bed). A Second Chance Limousine logo is on the front of the card. The card has the numbers 1 through 12 printed across the top and the numbers 13 through 24 along the bottom. You notice one of those numbers has a hole punched through it. You flip the card over and read this:

••• This Second Chance has a time limit. The numbers represent hours. The number punched on this card is the amount of time you have to make things right. Your time will begin automatically the moment you finish reading this. This card is programmed to monitor your success or failure to complete your task. This Second Chance will expire if the task is not completed within the allotted time frame. Should that happen, you will immediately find yourself back in the moment of time and in the exact situation in which you were engaged just before the driver appeared at the scene. Good luck. Your time starts Now. •••

Suddenly, it all comes back to you. At first you’re puzzled. This isn’t possible, and yet here you are. Somehow, by some strange twist of fate, you’ve been given what everyone wishes for at some point in their life: a second chance. Now, the rest is up to you. Will you succeed? Or will you fail? You won’t know until you try. And by the way, you’d better get a move on. Your time starts….. Now.

The four “Twisted Tales” in this volume are:

• ATONEMENT (novelette, 11,500 words) – A wealthy computer software entrepreneur is filled with remorse for having his wife murdered by a killer-for-hire. Fortunately for him, the Second Chance Limousine rolls up at a critical moment and… well, you’ll never guess what happens. See, the thing about second chances are those annoying little unintended consequences. Wanna take a ride?

• A BITE OUT OF TIME (novelette, 7,500 words) – Vince Blaylock, an up and coming rock star, finds himself smitten and bitten and not at all pleased to discover he’s now a vampire. One hundred years later, to the day, his Second Chance becomes a tale of revenge with an ending you won’t see coming. Wanna take a ride?

• 1ST AVENUE ANNIE (novelette, 10,000 words) – A wanna-be actress, with a life full of baggage, finally gets a shot at the big time. The stage is set, the curtain is about to go up, the audience is buzzing with anticipation. What could possibly go wrong? But wait. Is that the Second Chance Limousine rolling up to the curb? Will Annie’s life turn out for the better this time around? Of course it will. Maybe. Sort of. Actually… Well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Wanna take a ride?

• THE GOOD LIBRARIAN (novella, 21,500 words) – The tiny, rural town of Higginsville has a rather unusual library. Perhaps even more unusual than the library is the head librarian, Ms. Beatrice Busby. Maybe even more unusual still, is the mysterious book Ms. Busby has hidden in the basement of the library. Throw in a weary, travel-worn Gypsy woman, some meddling kids on a dark and blustery Halloween and you have a recipe for a hell of a night. But nothing that the Second Chance Limousine can’t fix. Or… can it? Well, maybe. But not in a way you would ever expect. Wanna take a ride?

In addition to these four tales, WANNA TAKE A RIDE? also includes a 12- chapter sample of the author’s enthusiastically reviewed full-length novel, Ash: Return Of The Beast, a modern-day occult crime chiller inspired by the mysterious 1947 disappearance of the urn containing the ashes of history’s most notorious occultist, Aleister Crowley, a.k.a. the “Beast”.


A reader (Rai Aren, Canada, verified amazon purchase) reviews each story in the book:

“A BITE OUT OF TIME” – A lively short with a superb twist!

This is a fun, sexy, entertaining short story brimming with danger as the main character enters the night-time predatory world of vampires and experiences the high cost of the vampire life – the years that go on and the loneliness and isolation that ensues.

My favorite aspect of the story is the limousine service. I don’t want to say too much and give away the story, but what a cool, slick concept it is. Does fate exist? Are certain outcomes inescapable? I love stories that have a powerful hook like that, that get you looking inwards, imagining possibilities for your own life. Clever storytelling!


“ATONEMENT” – Give me more of these twisted tales!

Like the first story, A Bite Out of Time, Atonement has a very intriguing concept at its core – a specialty limousine service – I can’t say anything more about it so that I don’t spoil it, but I hope there will be many more of these stories. The possibilities are endless, plus they’re wickedly cool and entertaining!

Atonement had me zipping through my kindle pages very quickly. I found my heart beating faster with each page, wondering what was going to happen. And what happens also packs a delicious twist, as the story bends your sympathies this way and that. You don’t know where it’s going to take you, and then it turns everything on its head so fast that you’re thinking `no way’, then it spins it around again. What a ride!


“1st AVENUE ANNIE” – An entertaining tale about choices and second chances

The Second Chance Limousine series actually make you think about choices, how fragile life can be, and how things can turn on a dime. One wrong move, one bad decision, and it can unravel a life.

Annie is the story of a woman who made a tough choice and now lives with the consequences of it. So do others. But we find out her story isn’t finished, all is not yet written.

As a reader, it’s an absolute delight to find a tale that not only entertains, but gets you thinking. The Second Chance Limo series does just that. Right choices, wrong choices – it can be hard, if not impossible, to predict outcomes. Life is far more unpredictable than we’d all like to think. Is there such a thing as fate or do we hold our own destinies in our hands? Can we out think, out hustle, out maneuver a predetermined destiny, to create a different and hopefully better path for ourselves? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s what makes these ‘twisted tales’ such great reads!


“THE GOOD LIBRARIAN” is very good!

This novella is an excellent and very different addition to The Second Chance Limousine stories series. This story has a spooky, paranormal, occult hook that grabbed me immediately. I’m really amazed at how unique each of these stories is. It’s fun to dive down these different rabbit holes, you just never know what’s going to happen.

The Good Librarian revolves around a potentially demonic book and a woman who has a long history with it. She was touched by the book’s power as a child and has spent her whole life guarding it and fearing it. Until Halloween night, when a mysterious stranger from a distant land comes looking for it with deep, lifelong reasons of her own. The story plays around with what’s really evil and what might be the lie. What unfolds is a trip!



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Author and book cover designer, Gary Val Tenuta
Author and book cover designer, Gary Val Tenuta

Having had a life long interest in paranormal phenomena, esoteric lore, the supernatural, occult and ancient mysteries (and basically anything that could be squeezed into those categories) it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that these same elements would become the fodder for my novels and short stories. I grew up devouring Poe, Lovecraft and Roald Dahl and those writers definitely had a huge influence on me. I wonder if they realize what they’ve done? Maybe I should dig out my old 1890s-era Ouija board and let them know. Nah. Probably not a good idea.

I’m a book cover designer (BookCoversAndVideos.webs.com) as well as an author with a degree in Social Psychology. My professional writing career began as a contributing writer for Fate Magazine in the 1990s. One of my feature articles about the mystery of the alleged secret military group known as Majestic-12 resulted in requests to appear on radio programs across the U.S. and Canada. My most recent novel, a supernatural crime chiller entitled Ash: Return Of The Beast (Kindle & paperback) is receiving excellent reviews and has been compared to the likes of Straub, Koontz, Stephen King, Dan Brown and Dennis Lehane.

The first four novellas and novelettes in my series of  “Twisted Tales From The Files Of The Second Chance Limousine Service” are available individually on Kindle (99¢) or in a single volume entitled “Wanna Take a Ride?” also on Kindle ($2.99). The titles of those stories are “A Bite Out Of Time“, “1st Avenue Annie“, “Atonement” and “The Good Librarian“. They can also be purchased separately for 99¢ each on Kindle. A fifth in the series (“The Prank“) was released in June, 2014 on Kindle (99¢) and a 6th is in the works.

I live with my big black cat, Bear, in a cozy condo in the Pacific Northwest where, when I’m not writing, or designing book covers for other authors, I may very well be watching America’s Got Talent or The Voice or reruns of Seinfeld or I might just be relaxing out on the patio, grooving to the mellow sax-jazz stylings of Stanley Turrentine. Then again, you never know. I could be listening to Dwight Yoakum singing about “Guitars and Cadillacs and Loud, Loud Music”. Either way, it’s all good.