Three Wishes: And Other Stories

In this village everyone is granted three wishes…


In this village everyone is granted three wishes. The children learn of this when they are very young and are told, “Be careful what you wish for. It is certain to come true.”

Some children squander their wishes very early, wishing for a pony or to be taller or to have blue hair, and usually these folks can be spotted around the village many years later because they are still living with some artifact of the wish they made when they were young. Like the Granger Sisters, who wished to be joined at the hip as eight and nine-year-old girls. They used up all of their other wishes before it could be undone. Now they are old ladies joined at the hip, living with a pet tortoise in a nineteen-story polka dot house on Saint George Street.

There is also Curly Joe, who wished he could tie his arms in a knot to gross out his third grade teacher. Curly Joe still has the bendiest arms in the village.

Most children, however, are taught…

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  1. Nicholas Ponticello

    Surrealist fairytales for a modern age. Fun, funny, and oftentimes sad.

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