The Wolf Moon

On the way to the airport for Maeve’s trip to Scotland to meet her mother, she and Harold argue over an ancient map. But on the night of Winter Solstice when Maeve is transported into an alien land with no idea where she is or how she got there she wishes she hadn’t left the map behind.


Maeve is faced with a destiny she never knew about and didn’t choose. According to the parchment document her mother shows her, her fate has been written for centuries as the one to bring a dark world back to the light. She scoffs until the moment she is hurtled into a parallel world where nothing is recognizable. How can she possibly do anything to help the desolate place she finds herself in? And what about her boyfriend, Harold, who will be arriving at the New Year? When wolves appear out of the gloom and communicate telepathically she decides to take their advice. With an unseen evil at her heels she follows the wolves down one twisting path after another, hoping to stay alive.


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Nikki Broadwell is a full time writer living in Tucson, Arizona, along with her husband of thirty-five years, a standard poodle and a cat. When she isn’t working on a project you can find her in a yoga class, hiking on desert trails or simply watching the wildlife that abounds in the Sonoran Desert.