The Visionary Mayan Queen: Yohl Ik’nal of Palenque

The first Mayan woman ruler, her visionary powers would save or destroy her city, end or preserve her lineage. At the height of Maya civilization, an exceptional woman faces her destiny amid intrigue and conflict, seeking balance between love and duty.


BOOK 1 – MISTS OF PALENQUE SERIES: “The Visionary Mayan Queen: Yohl Ik’nal of Palenque” A royal girl with visionary powers rises to become the first Mayan woman ruler of Lakam Ha (Palenque). Her accession continues the dynasty. She uses her visionary powers to resolve problems, overcome opposition to her rulership, anticipate enemy attack and lead her people into times of peace and prosperity. Navigating treachery and betrayal, she finds love that sustains her as she envisions a great future for her city.

Centuries later archeologist Francesca and her team discover the royal burial of a crimson skeleton, possibly the first queen’s tomb found, and she begins to unravel a web connected to the ancient past that will change her life.


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Leonide (Lennie) Martin: Retired California State University professor, former Family Nurse Practitioner, currently author and Maya researcher. My books bring ancient Maya culture and civilization to life in stories about both real historical Mayas and fictional characters. For historical accuracy, I researched Maya archeology, anthropology and history from the scientific perspective. For indigenous viewpoints, I studied with Maya teachers including Aum Rak Sapper, Guatemalan Priestess-Daykeeper and Hunbatz Men, Itza Maya Elder-Daykeeper. I lived in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico for five years to apprentice with Hunbatz Men, becoming a Solar Initiate and Maya Fire Woman in the Itza Maya tradition. The ancient Mayas created the most highly advanced civilization in the Western hemisphere, and my work is dedicated to their wisdom, spirituality, scientific and cultural accomplishments through compelling historical novels. For more information about my writing and the Mayas, visit:

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