The Vines of Coronado

Murder in a Tuscan winery endangers a family hiding a religious treasure. They are forced to run for their lives from the clutches of the secret mafioso group La Croce Nera.

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By 1975 the Benedetto family had been making fine wines for over 150 years. Nestled in the romantic, rolling hillside vineyards of Tuscany, Cruciano Benedetto, Luca’s grandfather had passed on many of the family wine making skills and secrets to young Leonardo Rossi.
Now Leonardo was old and Luca was learning from him. Leonardo had become one of Italy’s most famous winemakers. Some considered him a world-class wine master. He was also a relentless taskmaster and almost impossible to work with.
But Luca was a man of relentless patience and knew that the prestige that came from this association would, one day, re-establish the Benedetto family winery heritage and fame.
When Leonardo was killed one night at the winery, Luca and his family were devastated. They soon learn that Leonardo had betrayed La Croce Nera, a secret and ruthless organization seeking the return of priceless religious artifacts that Leonardo had stolen.
With deadly crime lord Dons, the police and hidden traitors stalking them, Luca and his son, Paolo, struggle to peel away the layers of deceit, intrigue, murder and corruption as they desperately try to save themselves and their family from the vicious grasp of La Croce Nera.


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Among Frank Di Christofano’s creative passions are winemaking and painting. He has now taken to creative writing with his debut murder mystery novel, The Vines of Coronado.

Somewhat of a renaissance man, Frank has spent many happy times in the land of his forefathers, Italy. His passion for winemaking led to his partnership in a very successful Arizona winery, where he was known and respected for his competence in the growing of Italian grape varieties and making Italian style wines. He also shared his skill in winemaking and grape growing as an instructor at the University of Arizona.

His wines received their highest recognition when selected to be served at the White House. Subsequently, his wine became a White House favorite. It was kept on hand and served at many prestigious governmental functions for a period of eight years until Frank’s retirement.

A married father of three wonderful children, ex-Marine and owner of several successful businesses he also is an avid fly fisherman, photographer, painter and pilot.

Of his many awards, he is most proud of receiving the Father of the Year Award and Time Magazine’s Annual Quality Auto Dealer award.

He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife, Darlyne.