The Veil of Smoke

Experience the final days of Pompeii in book two of the TimeDrifter Series. This harrowing historical fantasy unfolds through the eyes of the doomed city’s inhabitants, along with a trio of time traveling misfits. The fate of another relies on their ability to dodge Basilius’s efforts and escape before time runs out for Pompeii. Will they be willing to forfeit a future for what they hold most dear?


In book two of the TimeDrifter series, Anna and Brendan are reunited in Pompeii with the mission of helping a relative in need. Without any further instructions, they must search the doomed city, relying on their growing sense of awareness and guidance from Ben. As the two develop friendships along with their discernment skills, their viewpoints on who to help are at odds. Meanwhile, their old nemesis uses his manipulative charms to work against them. Will they fulfill their mission before time runs out for Pompeii?

Sometimes great risk is required to achieve a greater calling.


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LAUREN LYNCH has lived in nine of the United States, but currently calls a log cabin in North Carolina home, along with her husband, teenage son, two dogs, a cat, five chickens and even the occasional bat. For more information, visit