The Texan, A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge

Great beach book! Easy summer read filled with satire and humor. It’s 1980 in the small town of Buena Vista, Texas and Yankee Janet Blake steals bad-boy BJ Brayden’s heart. When BJ fails to treat Janet right, her revenge for his betrayal is the novel you are about to read.


Sex, drugs, and country music rule in San Antonio, in 1980. With a daddy like Bobby Senior, no one in their small Texas town expects Bobby Junior, also known as B.J., to amount to much, until Janet Blake arrives on assignment for her New York City-based magazine. Facing prejudice, racism, and his meddlesome Mama, Peggy Sue, Janet steals B.J.’s heart. When he let’s her down, B.J.’s betrayal turns Janet’s revenge into the novel you are about to read. Of course, a little romance and some murder are mixed in for good measure.


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Do opposites attract…sometimes those of us from the Great Lake State and Texas mix like oil and water. In the 1980s, I moved to the Hill Country of Texas from Detroit, Michigan. I was greeted by a welcome sign stating, “Ni$$er don’t let the sun set on your a** in our town.” I was asked to join the Ku Klux Klan more than once. I realized the Civil War still divided me from some of my fellow Americans because Southerners consider Northerners “damn Yankees.” A woman and an outsider, I felt the oppression of prejudice for the first time. After making my escape to the Hawaiian Islands in 2003, I now reside on the beautiful island of Oahu. My novel is very loosely based on some of my experiences in Texas.