The Savages

The Savages is the fourth in the Staunton and Wyndsor series of police procedural murder mysteries written in the 1970s, and published worldwide in hard and paperback.
Our intrepid detectives once again bring their experience and flair to solve a gruesome murder in the days before cell phones and the worldwide web.


When Colonel Bannister-Coates, an experienced Intelligence officer, fails to return to his Oxfordshire village home and his immaculate clothes are discovered dressing a scarecrow in a roadside field, there is a flurry of anxious activity in Whitehall.

Detective Superintendent Staunton and his urbane Detective Inspector, Leo Wyndsor, are under pressure to discover if this is defection or assassination, or if there is some other, less obvious, answer.

Despite local obstruction and sparse, enigmatic clues, a pattern gradually emerges, leading the detectives to a climax as intriguing and hazardous as any found in the earlier highly praised Staunton and Wyndsor novels.


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Peter Hill’s background is steeped in crime. He was a detective in the Metropolitan Police, London, serving in some of the toughest parts of that city for thirteen years. He also worked at New Scotland Yard in the Company Fraud Department and later the internationally recognised C1 department known as ‘The Murder Squad’. He travelled widely in Britain, Europe and South America investigating, surprisingly enough, murders.

He left the force at the age of thirty two, with the rank of Detective Inspector, to become a writer. In the 1970’s he wrote six books in his own name, all published worldwide and in several translations: The Hunters, The Liars, The Enthusiast, The Savages, The Fanatics and The Washermen.

These have now been converted back from hard copies and The Hunters, The Liars, The Enthusiast and The Savages in the ‘Staunton and Wyndsor’ series are now available as eBooks in the Kindle store.
The others, The Fanatics and The Washermen in the ‘Commander Allan Dice’ books are also now available as Kindle ebooks.

Under the pen name of John Eyers he wrote the sequel to Terry Nations ‘Survivors’ novel,
“Genesis of a Hero” which were spin offs from the iconic TV series.
Similarly as John Eyers, he wrote “Special Branch – In at the Kill” from the Special Branch TV series.
These have now also been published as eBooks on Amazon.

Peter worked extensively in television for iconic British drama series such as ‘Callan’, ‘The Sweeney’, ‘Z Cars’, ‘Public Eye’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Special Branch’, ‘Crown Court’, ‘New Scotland Yard’, and ‘Armchair Theatre’.
He has been a writer, script editor and producer both in the UK and New Zealand, where he has lived for the last thirty-three years.

‘Evolution’s Path’ is a return to writing novels and is proposed as a series of related near and far future crime stories, of which ‘Killing Tomorrow’ now available as an eBook, is the first. He is working on the sequel, ‘The Ladies Game’.