The First Ones

Thereticus meets a girl with unusual abilities and falls in love with her. She is unlike anything he has ever seen. Thereticus and Arianna desperately try to save both of their races.


A riveting tale of a time when vampires were created to punish mankind. In this horrifying climate, Thereticus, an ancient vampire, discovers a girl named Arianna who has abilities and he is curious about her nature. Meanwhile, there is a heinous plot led by a rebel vampire,Kleric, to rid the earth of humans; and this outrageous plan brings out the First One Vampires- the most beautiful, powerful, and inherently evil vampires in existence. Will this plot to make humans extinct cause war on earth? Who or what is the child? Does she fit into all this somehow?


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My name is Ageless and I am the writer of the novella “The First Ones”.  If you like vampires, you will like my story. This book puts a “twist” on vampire folklore which makes it stand out from other stories and takes vampire folklore a different direction.  If you would like something new, check out my book available on amazon and barnes and nobles.

I am in the process of writing a second book called “Guilty by Association” which is a thriller.  Keep on the lookout for this book.  My books are mostly novellas but I truly believe good things can come in small packages.  Enjoy!


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