The Eye of Ra

A modern dystopian tale about a group of people with psychic powers reincarnated and sent back to save the Earth.


Joshua Greaves is no ordinary boy. He has a mission to accomplish. He has been sent Back to Earth to find the Eye of Ra. The only thing that can save us from our own madness. But Joshua can’t do this alone, he has to find the other eleven people who must help him on his quest but he must also warn people of what is coming. Unfortunately Joshua is not the only person interested in the Eye of Ra. So begins a race between good and evil, and Joshua must learn who he can really trust


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Born in Northampton, UK I moved to rural Lincolnshire when eight. Educated at an ordinary secondary school. I was to lazy to go onto higher education. I worked in horticulture and landscaping for 10 years and in that time I took a few months out to go travelling around the world, visiting Latin America. When I returned I found my wife Annette and we soon married and had two beautiful children, Justin and Kayleigh, My wife also had two daughters, Heidi and Tammy who I have watched grow and go on to build their own families, giving me 7 beautiful grandchildren and making me feel old. But they are all part of my extended family and I love them as if they were my own. My career changed direction with family life, I had to turn to factory work to help pay the bills and also I started to get back trouble, so the heavy lifting and ground work that I used to do had to be curtailed. I also flirted with politics and served as a local councillor for 12 years. This gave me a tremendous insight into the hardships that some people have to endure in the social housing sector but also some of the dirty dealings that go on in local government and politics generally.