Tammy Likes To Shoot

A child’s first introduction to basketball.

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Kids who like to shoot, jump and slam dunk will love this book. Perfect for parents to share with their toddlers and experience the love and excitement that basketball brings. This book will score points with both toddlers and their parents.


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Stephanie Rudnick is a mother, a writer, a motivational speaker, and the founding owner and co-director of Elite Camps, one of the largest basketball organizations of its kind in Canada, serving 4,000 athletes annually.

Stephanie played basketball for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues and has also had international playing experience representing Canada at the 1997 Maccabi Games in Israel.

Stephanie’s passion for basketball is stronger than ever. Once a high-level player, she now helps athletes develop their on-court skills while ensuring that they, their parents, and their coaches all understand how the lessons learned  on-court can prepare them for success in life.

Stephanie lives in Ontario with her husband, David, and their three young sons, all of whom have started their basketball journey.