Spirit Story

Afterlife story inspired on Tupac Shakur. Boy goes on a journey in the afterlife and meets new friends, partakes in a tournament, and ends up in a situation to find himself along the way.

More By: Shane McDowell
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Have you ever wondered what could possibly happen after death?

A young boy named Sean from the streets gets to find out after his death in this intricate fictional afterlife story.

After being attacked by mysterious people and saved by an angel from the sky, our hero discovers he’s on another planet named Other Earth in the afterlife. His journey that he embarks upon puts him down a path of trials, anguish, tribulation, and triumph. After entering a tournament named the Millennial tournament in which the winning team goes to a heavily place in the sky named the Promised Land, each member of the respective tournament teams can obtain one wish from a mystical relic named the Silver cross as a prize. Along his journey our hero gains two personalities, meets new comrades, and gets involved in a social movement to promote societal and social change among the world to help end world issues like racism, sexism, and so forth during his journey.

Sean explores these issues in his journey along with humanity’s biggest questions like what’s the meaning of life and questions humanity’s morality issues and aims to protest these ideals, clean up social issues, challenge immoral behavior in humans, while also working to empower all underrepresented people in the world with the help of the music and lifestyle of Tupac Shakur.


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