Wave Mandate

A boy and a girl sharing an impossible telepathic connection find themselves standing in the breach of a world on the cusp…
– of interstellar travel and extra-planetary colonialization,
– of intra-planetary war and a psychopath’s vendetta,
And if they survive it all… of their own destiny.

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This is undoubtedly the biggest:

…day of Kelerin’s life: A warrior/scholar from the prestigious all-boys Academy on Osmos, he’ll be facing off against his arch rival in what many are already calling the ‘duel of the year.’
…feeling Analel’s ever had: A telepathic ascetic from the Academy’s all-girls sister seminary, she’s suddenly sharing a psychic connection with the boy Academic, Kelerin, in a way that should not be possible.
…accomplishment of Jonas’ career: The valiant Academic has returned victorious from the Mandate Race, but at what cost, and future consequence?
…opportunity of Bar-Kas’ one-man-war against the Islands: The Second Son of the Mainland has waited long for this moment, to avenge his brother’s blood honor.
…and all of Osmos will never be the same for any of it.


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photo-1A.C. Schneider is the author of Wave Mandate, Wave Reckoning and How To Fight For Your Goals.

His decade long spirit-walk throughout careerland included many misadventures; in telemarketing (if you were that lady he interrupted during dinnertime way back when, he wants you to know he’s truly sorry for upsetting you and your family, Mam); martial arts instructor (still kick’n it); tech-news editor (lived for two years as a closet layperson surrounded by bona fide geeks and terrified he might one day be found out – film rights still available); and a short stint in welding school where he burned through many nice shirts.

Thank G-d, though, he’s absolutely certain all the above has led him to this one clear, undeniable truth as to who he was always meant to be… he’s like 90% certain, or something.

Currently A.C. lives in Israel with his wife and four children (Bli Ayin Hara), which he thinks is just awesome.