Vigilant Veritas

This book is available for PRE-ORDER. Releases Sept 5, 2017

Book 3 in the Black Saber Series, Vigilant Veritas continues the high-octane adventure with more battles, more aliens and even more sizzle.


The Carthenogens are coalescing power by appointing a sole human as Chancellor of Earth. Their chosen front-man? The ever charming and cleverly manipulative Barrett Kerrington, former US vice president. He’s brought Black Saber to their knees in exchange for ultimate power.

Vaughn Killian, highly trained Black Saber operative, with a past as a ruthless rebel fighter, has found his way to the Carthenogens’ home planet—in a prison cell. Just when he thinks his life is over, he finds a way into the halls of power and learns something horrible . . . the truth about what the Carthenogens really have in store for humanity.

With Black Saber forces decimated to only a handful of fighter craft, it seems like all that’s left for humankind are the funeral arrangements. With the clock running out, Killian devises a strategy to disrupt the peace-preaching aliens’ death grip over humankind, but doing so will require him to utter one simple word he thought would never cross his lips . . . and will likely end his life.


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