TRATHH and Other Science Fiction Stories

The book comprises a collection of 21 fast paced, action packed science fiction short stories.


The book comprises a collection of 21 fast paced, action packed science fiction short stories.

The main story Trathh is based on a story arc pod cast on the Beam Me Up Pod cast site during 2012 and 2013. A powerful alien prisoner, innocent of all charges against him, survives the crash landing of his prison star ship on Earth only to be hunted by the Earth military.

In The Young Old War the ineffectual middles passively tolerate a world wide trend of increasing violence against the elderly by roaming feral youthpaks. In Nerdforce the meetings behind closed doors of a small group of nerds can have consequences beyond our Earth.

In The Streamers, aliens detectable only by their manipulation of human emotions and their ability to stream have our best interests at heart. Or do they? A Multiverse war pitting the gods and mystical powers against the cosmic powers has led to no winners and few survivors, yet somehow life finds a way.

In Treldron an enigmatic alien from an unknowable alternate reality shows that humans don’t have a mortgage on courage and nobility. In Forgotten Soldier, an alien soldier programmed for zero tolerance to crime gets accidentally left on Earth.


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The author has written over 140 speculative fiction short stories in the 7 years he has been writing speculative fiction.


His publications include six collections of short stories and two novellas. All of which are on Amazon.


For some years he has been a regular contributor to both the Antipodean SF and the Beam Me Up Pod cast sites. In more recent times he has also become a regular contributor to the Farther Stars Than These site. He has also been published on a variety of other sci-fi sites including Bewildering Stories, 365 Tomorrows and the former Golden Visions magazine. He is due to be published on WiFiles. .


He has written three sci-fi series: the 12 part “Alien Hunter” series for then Golden Visions Magazine in 2011/12, the “Trathh” series for the Beam Me Up Pod Cast site in 2012/13, and the “Human Hunter” series also for the Beam Me Up site 9in 2014/15.


He is about to publish another collection of science fiction and science fantasy short stories.