the adventures of atlas

In the year 2681, Humanity is on the verge of extinction due to a mega-volcano which has awakened after many centuries. However, there is hope in the form of a giant ship called Atlas, built by the Human race to escape the Armageddon. It will carry our race from our solar system to the neighboring galaxy in search for a new place to call “home” in an epic adventure story filled with love, hate, betrayal, loyalty and teamwork.

More By: Gabriel Alexandru Apetroaie
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It is the year 2681 and a mega-volcano has awakened after many centuries of sleeping. Humanity is in danger of extinction. However, there is an escape route: the giant, Earth-sized ship called Atlas, which will carry all of the Earth’s four hundred billion citizens towards a new home, far away, into the neighboring galaxy. In order to see which planet can sustain humanity, the U.S. Army creates the so-called “Planet Explorers,” a new army corps meant to explore planets and see if they can sustain our species. But as the journey into the unknown progresses, their role will become much more important.


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