Proelium Veritas

Book 2 in the Black Saber Series, the Mission Veritas adventure continues with more aliens, more combat, and more sizzle!


Since the Carthenogens arrived from another planet nearly fifty years ago, the world has had no wars—or so everyone thinks. But the Global Alliance, doing the bidding of Earth’s almond-eyed “saviors,” has been scooping up humans by the interstellar boatload. Only a handful of people know the truth: the elite resistance fighters of Black Saber.

Vaughn Killian saw it all firsthand while surviving two years of hell in the brutal purge of Bangkok. Now a fully trained Black Saber operative, he’s anxious to get back into the fight to save humanity from the deceptive peace-preaching aliens. When disaster strikes their remote space outpost, Killian winds up stranded and adrift a half a galaxy away from the planet that needs him most.

Killian took a vow: “Resist to the death.”

He’s not dead yet.


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