Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror-Volume 3

Ten tales of terror in the horror genre with surprise endings to scare you!
Hark! Don’t read this book If you don’t like to be scared. Heads roll literally in these stories, so why torture yourself? Otherwise, enjoy the horror!



NEVERMORE: A billionaire builds an island paradise for his family when the zombie apocalypse has wiped out most of humanity.

ABSOLUTELY NO FISHING: Two friends from the poor side of town trespass on a community of luxury estates to fish on a beautiful lake despite the posted warning forbidding fishing.

THE RECKONING A grizzly and two graduates travel eighteen hundred miles to have a rendezvous with destiny and the devil.

SOMETHING IN THE SKY: Strange things happen to two college students on Lovers Lane after a meteor cuts a path through a nearby cemetery.

YOU REMEMBER, I’LL FORGET: A serial killer, who killed thirteen children as a youth, is released after thirty years of rehab in an asylum.

THE ROCK: A joke backfires when a youth puts his best friend’s eye out with a rock after announcing his intentions to do it.

THE RIPPER: An elderly man seeks revenge on gang members who continue to harass him after trick-or-treaters are given lethal candy on Halloween.

FEELINGS: A motorist seeks revenge on a TV news reporter whose ambition to be a star causes an accident that takes the life of the man’s wife.

POWDERPUFF: A couple and their dog seek refuge on a desolate mountain top when zombies run amok in the city where they lived.

HOMICIDE MAINTENANCE A detective goes into the homicide cleaning business after he learns about the obscene fees businesses pay for the service.


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Billy WellsI just published my eighth collection of horror stories with surprise endings, “Dead Things: A Collection of Horror.” Check out my latest video for the gory details

I have written 137 short stories so far in my quest to exceed Ray Bradbury’s 400 short stories. It goes without saying it will be an uphill climb.

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