Suddenly Free, Purpose of Joy

This is the second volume of Suddenly Free, the chronicle of what life might be like at the End of Time.


In Volume 1, Rise of Evil, the Antichrist was in the world, seeking to become the god of this world. Satan, Lucifer, the Enemy of men, had promised that the beast could be worshipped when the end of Time arrived.

Lucifer continues his battle to overcome the people of Earth. He still attempts to destroy and enslave as many as he can before Christ returns. In this atmosphere, a surprising champion arises.

He and his family, and his security fellow Michaels, continue to oppose the Enemy. The woman he loves becomes his partner in spiritual warfare.

As the spiritual battle continues, the action moves from the Throne Room, where Satan accuses the saints, to the Earth where the battle is raging, to the places where Satan creates his plots, plans and schemes.


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I am a church girl. I grew up in the Midwest. I attended law school, and, having practiced law for more than 30 years, I recently stopped taking cases.

I now write books.

My first book is a study of the Bible’s principles of sowing and reaping: Reaping – Recession Proof Approach to Gathering Bountiful Harvests. It was published in print in 2010. I had already written the outline of my first novel, Suddenly Free. I thought it would be about 200 pages.

Suddenly Free is a vision of the End of Times, the end of the existence of planet Earth as we know it. But the characters became very important to me. So I keep writing about them. Suddenly Free became a chronicle of future Earth.

Volume 1 is entitled Rise of Evil. We meet an antichrist, and we meet his master, the Evil One, Lucifer, the Enemy of men. Volume 2, Purpose of Joy, was released in June of 2015.

I am the mother of three adult children. I like them, and believe they are very talented people. They have provided me with a blended and pleasing assortment of grandchildren. I like them, too.