Memories of Broken Souls

This non-fiction, narrative poetic book will serve to educate everyone on the moments in which you think you are doing the right thing, while it is really the opposite. This book contains many elements irresistible to readers: wrongdoings, pain, despair, regret, guilt, and workable grief.


After days and nights of lugubrious moments spent under the claw of hurtful memories, I endeavored with all my soul and the strength of my left hand to hold a piece of blank paper to pen my Memories of Broken Souls. As I wrote, I felt each teardrop that slid down the cheeks of my shame, piercing always my heart. Describing the failures and wrongdoings of myself and my former friends that had led to such selfishness, the worst was facing myself in the mirror, reflecting these memories that still are, and perhaps forever will be, trapped within me. These stories make my breathing shallow, and I still become agitated as the flashbacks trigger. Yet, now they have pushed me to make a positive difference by helping people. The events I describe have had a direct impact on the messages I hope to send through this book.

The writer brings us from the deepest despair to bearable anguish to workable grief.

–Lee Ann, editor, Firstediting


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Leonidas Christopher, born December 27, 1992, hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is an active US Marine. He lives his life practicing the adage that life should not be about how it is but about how we can make it. He spent his childhood aloof from his family, spent his time wandering around dangerous and poor zones learning, as he did, about life. He met strangers who later became his friends, and he discovered that they too had their own secrets buried within. As he grew up, his own tragedies were added to the awful memories and stories of his friends. Using these, he hopes now to make a difference for the better in other people’s lives.