Painting Rainbows

Are Joel and Mandy destined to be together, or torn apart forever? A bittersweet bite-size romance.

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Soulmates since they were children, Mandy and Joel are grown up now and destined to be together. Until life hurls a curved ball in their direction. Can they find each other and live happily ever after? Or will life conspire to keep them apart? A bittersweet bite-size romance.


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When she isn’t escaping somewhere else in her imagination, Sue Lilley lives in the north east of England, a few miles from the stunning Northumberland coastline and the famous Alnwick Castle, last seen in Downton Abbey and the Harry Potter movies. She loves getting lost in a page-turning story and because she can never put a good book down, she is compiling the definitive list of perfect excuses for being late for work. She wrote as a hobby for years before publishing her novels – ANOTHER SUMMER and HIGH HOPES. She is the woman talking to herself on the bus, scribbling ideas on scraps of paper with a purple pen. She’s been married to Michael, an artist and fellow creative spirit, for more years than they’re brave enough to count. They have one daughter and a beautiful new baby granddaughter, which makes them sound very grown-up.Sue face