Next of Sin: A psychological thriller

The DREAM which made her life a NIGHTMARE.

A string of murders dating back to 1987 and in all that time only one witness and she doesn’t even know she’s a witness!



A serious of supposed drownings all bear an eerie hallmark and young lawyer Gaby is the first to link them as the handiwork of a ruthless and conniving serial killer; a killer with a mask of respectability and success, a killer she knows only too well.

Recently married and on the brink of partnership at her firm, Gaby should be on top of the world, but she has stumbled upon something which will make her enemies in high places and will tear her personal life to threads. Who will believe her? Who can she trust?

Gaby joins forces with former detective, Robbie Baggio and they race to gather the evidence and bring down the web of evil protecting this serial killer. However the killer’s instincts alert him to danger and when those closest to the Gaby start turning up dead, she must rely on both her legal skills and grim determination to ensure justice is served.

Conspiracy at the top levels of the judiciary and corruption weaving its way right to the heart of family life; there is more to Gaby’s mission than unmasking the murderer.

A thriller that will make you wonder if you can ever trust anyone again and the safe answer… NO.


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Born in Johannesburg, I now live in Hertfordshire, UK.  Although I initially studied Law at Uni, my secret ambition was always to act or work in the arts; but of course you have to keep the family happy by making some sensible decisions you know. I ended up with an Honours degree in Economics from Warwick University, however the economics and financial world never beckoned and so at 23 I took a pretty sharp left turn and decided to study astrology.

I have studied astrology since 1999 and have a qualification from the London Faculty of Astrological Studies.  I have been a regular guest on BBCWM and BBC Shropshire as an astro-agont aunt, as well as making guest appearances on Fox FM, BBC Coventry and Warks, BBC Cambridgeshire, BBC Northants and The Debra Clement Show.

I have always loved helping people and I am295_24727609226_2285_n

fascinated by the meaning of life, destiny and karma and so I often think it was fate that prompted me to take this direction which in many ways has been a difficult route, but very revealing in terms of self-discovery. I was the resident astrologer on many local UK radio stations for many years. Although my foray into astrology may have left my spiritual life richer, my bank balance was a basket case, so it was back to the drawing board career wise and I began studying to be a Chartered Accountant. Bored to tears with studying audit and inspired by a pshychic who said I had a talent for writing, I decided to start writing a book one night. I finished my Chartered Accounting exams and two novels at the same time. 

The strange twists and turns of my own life and my constant querying over whether I had a destiny or a fate inspired the theme of my first novel – A Sealed Fate.”

I now write full time and I also help other indie authors publish, market and polish up their books. Right now I am working on my audio book version of A Sealed Fate and Next of Sin.  When I am not writing you will find me campaigning for fair trials and human rights and watching cricket..not to mention cooking and writing to my numerous cyber buddies.

I am fanatical about health and I have also penned several books on diet: Paleo Diet, Depression and Diet, New Nordic Diet and Pressure Cooking Reinvented.  All my books are available on amazon in ebook and paperback format