The Solitary Bee

A family mystery built of lies, betrayal, revenge and murder. An angry young woman coming of age.


Nineteen-year-old Epke Van Toorne’s childhood on her family’s idyllic organic apple orchard was darkened by tragedy that left her alone with a bitter grandmother. When illness forces the sale of the farm, Epke is swept into the alien landscape of the city. Her quest for answers about her family’s past leads to stunning revelations. It also brings Epke the younger brother her grandmother always denied existed.
The boy and his friends expose Epke to two sides of environmental activism. She’s torn between a peaceful guerrilla gardening movement and a militant Earth Liberation Front cell group. As the cell members become increasingly volatile, Epke instigates an action toward the orchards’ new owners who are Frankenfruit researchers. Will she risk everything for one night of retribution—including the lives of her fellow activists? Or will she choose a future with the visionary man she loves?


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Acclaimed and award winning author, Hannah Holborn, writes psychological crime fiction reminiscent of Tana French, Julia Heaberlin and Louise Penny.