The Man in the Moon

Lindsey Scott tracks a serial killer that murders college couples under full moon.


When two boys find a car at the bottom of Sturgeon lake, two local college students drowned inside, the town of Pocono, Pennsylvania is shocked. When a mother and her young daughter find four college students dead at the local orchard a month later, the town starts to question if the events are somehow related. A month later, when six college students are hunted down during an annual party, the town panics. With the possibility of a serial killer on the loose, the town and college go on lock down. The police force has very little to work with–the deaths seem connected but not enough to help put an end to the case.

With the citizens outraged at what they see as incompetence on the part of the police department, the police chief requests help from Lindsey Scott, the best criminal profiler in the country. Putting the clues together, Lindsey is able to get inside the head of the killer. Calling himself the ‘Man in the Moon’, the killer is just as mysterious as the symbol. The pressure mounts when another eight students are murdered–bringing the total to twenty students in just four months. Lindsey must use all of the clues, her skills as a crime solver, and help from a professor at the university to demystify the Man in the Moon and prevent him from killing again.


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Tom Tancin HATED to write—and read—throughout the early part of his education. But a challenge from him 7th grade English teacher changed his life forever. Now 31 years old, Tom has seventeen years of writing experience, seven years of publishing experience, four series in progress, multiple accolades, and his work has been translated and sold into another language. His most recent work is The Atlantis Revolution trilogy. In addition to writing, Tom is a 7th grade biology teacher.