Strange Lineup

How far will a woman go to protect and provide for her family? Detective Harvey Sam is about to find out.


Five years after botching an abduction case, Detective Harvey Sam faces the second major case of his career. An asthmatic mother, Gillian, eats peanut butter before surgery—and dies on the operating table as planned.

Her suicide ends an abusive affair and is meant to provide for her family through a malpractice settlement. Instead, Gillian’s husband, her teenage son, and a doctor with a multiple personality disorder, must flee for their lives. They are pursued by the doctor’s husband, the psychopathic lover who drove Gillian to her death.

Book 2 in the Missing & Exploited Suspense Series, Strange Lineup explores power imbalances between men, women and children and the alternative realities some young victims create to survive.


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Acclaimed and award winning author, Hannah Holborn, writes psychological crime fiction reminiscent of Tana French, Julia Heaberlin and Louise Penny.