Short Fuse: A Tale of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge

Ken Handly abuses women. When an astrologer warns Ken that someone may react violently and out of proportion to his behavior, Ken blows off the advice. The question becomes who is right? Ken or the astrologer? And, of the women in Ken’s life, who is most likely to react to him that way?

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Ken Handly abuses women; and everyone else in his life. He abuses not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He has had whole string of illicit love affairs fueled by his own self-importance. Besides, his lovers, he abuses everyone he works with. His intelligent, attractive wife is sick of the embarrassment of Ken’s behavior. The only person not sick of Ken is Ken; he loves himself.
When Ken consults an astrologer to ask why his life isn’t working out he way he planned it, he is warned that his behavior could lead others to react violently toward him. Ignoring the astrologer like he ignored most other people, he never saw what hit him.


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Clabe Polk is into a second career as a writer of fiction.  So far, he has written two novels, several short stories, assorted screen plays and has a couple of novels in process. He is a life-long reader with a great variety of life experiences that has led him to write a variety of different types of fiction.

Mr. Polk retired after nearly thirty-seven years in professional environmental protection, that included administrative, civil, and criminal law enforcement.  Having studied Marine Zoology and natural sciences at the University of South Florida, he has spent most of his life among the woods, waters, fields and farms of Florida and Georgia.

He currently lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters and the family’s cockerpoo named ‘Annie’.