On the Road to Where the Bells Toll

Emily and Stan’s Fourth of July vacation with the grandkids turns deadly when they stumble over one body on the Boston Esplanade and find another hanging in the Old North Church.

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In this second book in the series, Emily and Stan Remington pack up the RV and head to Boston for some R & R with the grandkids and a chance to immerse themselves in colonial history. But their Fourth of July celebration comes to an abrupt halt when they stumble over a body on the Boston Esplanade and then another hanging in the steeple of the Old North Church. Now the couple must unravel a tangle of forged clues and flush out the perpetrator before their own untimely epitaphs are written onto the historical landscape.


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The writing team of M. J. Williams is comprised of sisters-in-law Peggy Joque Williams and Mary Joy Johnson (nee Williams). Peggy is a recently retired elementary school teacher and freelance writer. Mary Joy is a retired college professor and professional quilter. Their On the Road… mystery series features RVers, Emily and Stan Remington. Both writers live in Madison, Wisconsin.