Allen Stanfill

Inside The Midnight Killer

Joe Frost is in a race against time to catch a killer before it’s too late.


How would you feel if you were a private eye and the mayor of your hometown called you up to help solve a murder case? On top of that, everyone in town still hates you, including your ex-girlfriend. Well, this is the situation Joe Frost has found himself in. Brought in to help solve a five-year-old case, enemies around every corner, and a police chief that wants you out of town. But these are minor things when he is faced with the true horrors that await him. The games that the killer will play with Joe’s mind will take him down a road that will change him forever. Question is, will he stop the killer before it’s too late?

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Hi my name is Allen Stanfill and I am the author of Camp Hell. I love to write horror novels and short stories as well. I live in Powell Wyoming with my fiancee and two kids.