Hot Summer Nights: A Detective Mike Eiser Short Story

Lonnie Rafferty has a handicap. Lonnie’s brother, Everett Rafferty has figured out how to use Lonnie’s handicap to make money and cause a lot of poor older people to suffer. It’s up to Mike Eiser to stop Everett, but Everett is a personal friend and Eiser knows nothing about arson. Can he stop Everett?


Lonnie Rafferty has problems. He is mentally and emotionally challenged; and he worships his big brother, Everett, his guardian and caregiver. He also has a compulsion he can’t control.
Everett Rafferty is a real estate agent, Sunday School teacher and pillar of the community; except that Everett has a few imperfections too. Everett is so wrapped up in his business that he would stop at nothing to make money, including using his brother’s compulsion.
Mike Eiser is a Sheriff’s Detective in Poplar Bluffs, a small north Georgia town. When houses start burning mysteriously in the poorest section of town, Sheriff Glenn Glassman assigns him to find out why. Teaming up with a beautiful and talented female state Fire Marshall’s Office investigator and an equally talented arson investigation canine, Eiser tracks down the arsonist. What he finds shocks both him and the town!


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Clabe Polk is into a second career as a writer of fiction.  So far, he has written two novels, several short stories, assorted screen plays and has a couple of novels in process. He is a life-long reader with a great variety of life experiences that has led him to write a variety of different types of fiction.

Mr. Polk retired after nearly thirty-seven years in professional environmental protection, that included administrative, civil, and criminal law enforcement.  Having studied Marine Zoology and natural sciences at the University of South Florida, he has spent most of his life among the woods, waters, fields and farms of Florida and Georgia.

He currently lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters and the family’s cockerpoo named ‘Annie’.