my blue heaven

Joel and Vivian carry on their unconventional wife-led lifestyle. A continuation from the first book featuring how they got to know each other, Joel’s vasectomy and ongoing emasculation, and life after baby.

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Book is about a married couple before and after marriage. They both
have decided to switch gender roles. She works as high powered corporate type. He stays at home. Moreover, with the aid of a doctor, pharmacist, local club, and psychiatrist they take their lifestyle to new limits. Story almost pushes the edge of plausible and has graphic love making scenes and lots of back and forth between the two and other parties. Story punctuated with unusual dream imagery the author wrote while under the influence of psychotropic chemicals or alcohol.


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Jean-Claude Dehmel II was born in Vallejo, California to an All-American mother of Anglo-Irish
ancestry and a French immigrant who abandoned the family before Dehmel was out of the mother’s womb. Despite great odds Mr. Dehmel went to college (Humboldt State University) where he studied Mathematics and later law school (University at Buffalo). In 2004 he moved to mainland China to take up a teaching position at Liaoning Institute of Technology in Jinzhou, China. It was there he met his wife Li Xiao Bai. The marriage lasted three years. Mr. Dehmel has no children. He is the happy owner of a Pit Bull/Black lab mix. He has been a licensed attorney in Connecticut since 2009 but has little to no interest in practicing law.

He is the author of three other books: Poetry for the Lovelorn, Notes from an American Jail and
The House that Vivian Built.