Looking For: Intimate Confessions from People Wanting Sex, Love, Friendship, or Something Else

A short collection of stores that explores the diversity of human sexuality


This experimental, short collection explores the diversity of human sexuality through the voices of numerous characters who describe their fantasies, desires, experiences, and wishes. The in-depth, first person accounts read like honest dating profiles. You will hear from a millionaire, an executive, a new age healer, a player, a bisexual woman, a gay man, a divorcee, a dreamer, and several broken-hearted lovers in search of ultimate pleasure and life changing sexual experiences. The characters in the Looking For series are intense, honest, and brave. One of the themes of this first collection is the sexual allure of money and its ability to reduce people to objects of pleasure. Some of the characters in this collection are rich, while others are on welfare or have average incomes. Wealthier characters, both male and female, may behave in less likable ways due to egocentrism and lack of empathy. However, characters without money may be lost in dreams and not showing up for their life in other ways and only fantasizing that love might make everything better. Though fictional, Looking For explores realistic characters found on online dating environments and in the world today.


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Lindsay C. Lightfoot did not set out to write a book of erotica.  This book chose her.  Under a different name, Lightfoot is a Creative Writing professor, public speaker, avid hiker, and most of all a woman who sends love and healing to the planet.  She meditates daily and practices yoga as well as other healing arts.  Lightfoot has spent considerable time in India and other remote parts of the globe.  She loves exploring other countries and cultures.  She has published in academic journals but this is her first book of experimental fiction.  She plans to continue this series. cover for triciajpeg fiftyshadesofreypic