The Safe

Something sinister hunts a man locked inside a mental asylum.


The East Ward of Harbrook Hill is a home for the criminally insane, but only the most deranged dwell on the fifth floor. Take Walter Hosler, this morning’s new arrival. He hasn’t spoken in a year. Not since the cops found him hiding in the basement of his house, his wife lying dead upstairs. The part of her that was left, at least.

Now he’s alone in a dark cell five stories off the ground, behind locked doors and stone walls, staring down through the bars of his window. Watching the woods. Waiting.

Something is coming for Walter. Something hungry. And no one is safe.


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Daniel Barnett lives in Portland, Oregon and is a lover of stories–especially ones where things go bump in the night. His work has appeared in Crowded Magazine, and his short story The Sadie Hawkins placed in the top 6 for the 2015 Aeon Award. When he isn’t writing or reading, he’s discussing fiction with others. Whether they want to or not.