Sing The Blues

Sing The Blues is a collection of short horror stories in the genres of sci-fi, paranormal and dystopia. There is also a spattering of humour throughout the collection just to lighten the mood 😉

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Money, selfishness, exhibitionism and revenge all play a role.

The Breeders – A breeding program that occurs on this planet run by an alien species. Could escape be possible for both master and slave?

Target Practice – Serena describes herself as ‘a kind of Black Widow’, who doesn’t steal and kill (directly). She just invites herself into other people’s relationships.

Time-A-Wasting – A killer remembers how his mother used to smell on her deathbed; fruity with a hint of decay, maybe?

Up The Fundament – A demon exacts her revenge on a misogynist ex by delivering a punishment fit for a king.

Whispering Bunnies – The story of a revengeful female ghost committed to searching out the relatives of those who drove her employers to hell. She loves to play games and she usually wins..

For the Alpha – Wolves parade a local ‘drinking’ hole outside a city. They’re looking for prey to take home to the Alpha. But which unsuspecting victims will they choose?

At Death’s Door – A prostitute had become a pain in the proverbial, using the hotel’s facilities to run her sordid whoring business. Her time ran out

Bonus: I Saw All – Whose death is it anyway?

Where you find death, you may find sex also; they are intricately linked for many. But, can you be really sure that their souls are screaming in pleasure or in pain?


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Tina Collins is a published fiction writer, experienced book reviewer and social media marketer for authors. She is currently living in the most diverse city in Europe: London. She is single and is happy to stay that way for the near future.

After a long break, she is delighted to be back behind the computer penning stories in the genres of erotica, horror and the paranormal.